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We need your help forming a minyan!

Dear Shul Members,

We are calling on you to help the shul maintain a minyan for services. We have launched a new reservation system daveners can use to get a better idea which services require additional attendance to form a minyan. Keep scrolling for a message from Rabbi Steven Wernick and our super-fun tutorial video.

A Call to Form a Minyan

A message from Rabbi Steven Wernick

I want to invite you to Beth Tzedec to participate in our daily minyan. There are several reasons to participate in minyan. (Also available as a Podcast)


First and foremost three times a day our people have a tried and true approach to prayer. To being in God's presence and to expressing gratitude. In fact every day, every morning in our Tefillah. We recite Mizmor l'Toda, Psalm 100; a Psalm of Thanksgiving. It's an opportunity to cultivate what one of my teachers called an attitude of gratitude. So we come to Shul, we come to minyan in order to pray to experience God's presence and to cultivate that attitude of gratitude Mizmor l'Toda, a Psalm of Thanksgiving.




So come and join me at Beth Tzedec for our daily minyan every morning and every evening. We look forward to welcoming you.

How to use the new service reservation system

We put together a brief tutorial for you. Please watch this brief video, we promise it's worth it!

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